Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conservative on Target! 4/25/12

   Dems Call for National Unity to Ban Guns - Why are we always supposed to "unify" to the left?: If the sexual behavior of adolescents is provably affected by the sex scenes they've watched on the screen, it would beggar belief to imagine that watching violence wouldn't have a similar effect.  The shooter himself said that he was inspired by the violent Batman movies he'd watched - he named himself after the villain.  What more do you want?  Yet, again, we don't see people seriously arguing that violent movies, video games, or music should be banned.
   The reaction should be exactly the same about guns: we have our Second Amendment rights, and no matter how one evil individual may misuse them, they must never be taken away from everyone else.
   If there's one thing all Americans should be able to unite behind, it's the Constitution.  The fact that Democrats never miss an opportunity to attempt to falsely unite everyone against our Constitution tells us all we need to know about them.

   America the Ugly – According To Some: So, the blame America first crowd does not have the solution to world peace, but they do have the solution to destroying patriotism and pride in our country. We can follow their lead into destruction or we can do what we have to as we work for the removal of the Kenyan socialist. The first choice is a betrayal of our children and grandchildren. The second choice honors, not only our country’s founders, but the generations who have gone before us and sacrificed to give us this wonderful land. It would also be a betrayal of our creator and grantor of our life and our liberty and who enables us to enjoy the life He gave us.
   So, when you come across someone who enjoys badmouthing our country – set them straight if you can, but don’t waste a lot of time… so many of have had their thinking polluted by our educational institutions, the formerly main stream media, the entertainment industry, and even our own government that only the wisdom from the Almighty will permit them to understand.
It should be quite obvious to clear minded people who are paying attention that the agenda of “progressives” is single Party “progressive” rule in perpetuity.  Economic viability, domestic security, national sovereignty, individual Liberties and adherence to Constitutional principles are all secondary to the “progressive” goal.
   Americans are people who will fight to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America envisioned by its Founding Fathers.  Emerging from the Tea Party are Patriotic Americans ready to lead a return to American principles and values.
   The political establishment ignores these new leaders at their own peril.

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