Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beyond the Ballot Box – We Are Destroying Ourselves!

From John Sykes

We can no longer blame just our political elites, our DC Class for our steady decline into immoral statism supported avidly by crony capitalism. The monster is us! We need to do something soon! Read the following article please.

George Scaggs at

For many, life in today's America is becoming ever more unsettling.  It's not only what has been unfolding in Washington; the relentless affronts by Mr. Obama and his administration, the lack of basic accountability in government, the unraveling of our Constitution, or the specter of what the numbers tell us about the future of our nation.  What is most startling of all is witnessing America's reaction to these developments, or perhaps more succinctly, the lack of reaction.

To behold the nonchalant attitudes and obsessions with all manner of insignificant distractions among the unfazed crowd is an increasingly alarming exercise.  It appears, regardless of what comes out of Washington, that life goes on unchanged for many Americans.  When combined with the "spiking of the football" by the acolytes of an almighty, infinitely expanding government, the entire matter is disconcerting, to say the least.

Rather suddenly, the incremental erosion that has haunted America for decades seems a distant memory.  Under the Obama administration, particularly within the last couple of months, America has now accelerated headlong into the wholesale destruction of constitutional limitations and inalienable rights….

This is not just the stuff of utter vapidity; it is one more signal of a culture which has spun horribly out of control and, short of a massive decentralization of power, will soon fail in the exercise of self-government.

Though Mr. Obama and his congressional ilk need to be vanquished in November, America will find many of the solutions to what ails her lie beyond the ballot box.  There is an anchor weighing on the nation's ability to reverse course.  It is interwoven throughout our entire culture, and it has been strengthened for decades.

Regardless of what unfolds in November, and long after Mr. Obama is gone (whenever that may be), peril awaits.  Dealing with the uncomfortable reality that America is destroying itself is the true measure of the task which lies ahead.

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