Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Should Christians Disengage from Politics?

God and Politics_croppedFrom Gary Demar at godfatherpolitics.com

Every political year, religion becomes an issue. It’s always been that way. There’s no escaping it. Everybody is religious. Every law on the books is an application of someone’s view of morality. What is the basis of that morality? It’s got to come from somewhere. Foundationally, it’s the basis of someone’s religion.

Who determines the limits of civil government? Based on what?

Atheists are just as religious as the most devoted believer in God. They put their faith in their ability to reason. But reason to what based on what? Whose view of reason do we follow? Not all atheists agree on what’s reasonable. They’ll say “facts” trump religious beliefs. If facts were the key to right reason, then why do people looking at the same facts come to different interpretations of the facts? Facts don’t have a voice.

Most of the attacks on religion are directed at Christians because they believe in moral absolutes. In reality, there are very few things that Christians want the government to do in the name of religion. Truth be told, most Christians want the government to stop doing things.

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