Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mark Levin: The Tea Party Movement is “the most powerful political force in this nation”

Mark Levin who is one of the top radio conservatives and who also served as a constitutional attorney in the Reagan administration just called the Tea Party movement “the most powerful political force in this nation” and “is more powerful than ever”. Levin, also referred to as “The Great One” because he is so respected by his conservative peers, cited the main reason was the Tea Party movement’s ability to organize and fundraise from everyday Americans for conservative causes to stand up to the powerful left wing labor unions, special interest groups and socialist billionaires like George Soros.

He also cited examples of success of the Tea Party such as the defense of Scott Walker, the 2010 midterm election landslide for conservatives, the Scott Brown victory over the Ted Kennedy senate seat and many more. He also said we cannot rest on those successes and we need to double and triple our efforts to assure not only a victory over Obama but also to retake the senate from the progressives in both parties. Please continue to donate what you can afford each month so we can stand up to these powerful well-funded left wing forces.