Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Conservative on Target! 6/20/12

“How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement? How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he's supposedly never seen? Is something very big being hidden to go to this extreme?” -- Senator Chuck Grassley(R-IA), June 20, 2012

As fast as we expose them, "DOJ Secretly Drops Terrorism Charges In Taliban Case": The Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to explain why it has abruptly dropped terrorism charges against a member of a Middle Eastern family indicted in south Florida last year with providing material support for the Pakistani Taliban… Federal prosecutors did not provide any explanation in a mysterious, one-graph filing dismissing the charges against Khan.
Racial Double Standards: Mitt Romney hasn't revealed all of his fall campaign strategy yet, but what if he launched a "White Americans for Romney" movement in an effort to get out the white vote? If the Romney campaign did that, there'd be a media-led outcry across the land, with charges ranging from racial insensitivity to outright racism. When President Barack Obama announced his 2012 launch of "African Americans for Obama", the silence was deafening. Should the same standards be applied to Obama as would be applied to Romney? The answer turns out to be no, because Obama is not held to the same standards as Romney.
   Today's Logic Lesson: The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)/Food Stamp Program, administered by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be
distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever
  Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U. S. Department of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed The Animals." They say that this is because the animals may grow dependent on handouts and not learn to take care of themselves.
   This ends today's lessons.
Heritage's Matt Spalding says that the fundamental problem with Obama's immigration order of last week is that the Administration is trying to implement laws Congress hasn't passed.
"[The state] cannot disarm any class of persons or deprive them of the right guaranteed under section 13, article 2 of the Constitution, to bear arms in defense of home, person, and property. The guaranty thus extended is meaningless if any person is denied the right to possess arms for such protection...." -- Colorado Supreme Court


Warning to RINOs! Rasmussen Report: 81% Say Congress Listens More to Party Leaders Than to Voters