Monday, June 18, 2012

Conservative on Target! 6/18/12

Obama's DREAM Is Congress's Nightmare: In the end, today's debate isn't about immigration. It's a debate about the limits of executive authority -- a conversation that goes back some 237 years. Our founding fathers shed a lot of blood to avoid what this White House increasingly resembles -- a monarchy with absolute power. While the President can try to bypass the law, one thing he cannot bypass is voters. And ultimately, his interpretation of the separation of powers will be subject to the ultimate checks and balances: November 6 ballots.

Where Are RINOs, Boehner and the GOP? Congress Likely to Let Obama’s Immigration Declaration Stand: Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner is second — and the only Republican — in line to replace President Obama should he be removed from office by accident or action of Congress.
   After the president on Friday unilaterally decreed amnesty for what may wind up being millions of young illegal immigrants, Congress should be up in arms.
   So what does Boehner do when the president of the United States violates the constitutional separation of powers, defies the will of Congress and abuses the rights of Americans and legal immigrants? He goes home and eats burgers with Mitt Romney.
   …it appears for the moment that Congress will do nothing to stop Obama, which means those of us who still hold the Constitution dear are on our own.
What liberals don't understand about government and our Founding Fathers: Unfortunately, the Founders’ vision has fallen out of favor with modern liberals, for whom there is nothing beyond the power -- or the right -- of the government to accomplish… In fact the unconstrained view of government expressed by Lee and Obama is one that necessarily leads to dependency and tyranny: It is a lust for power, not a promise of freedom. It is a prescription for poverty, not a path to prosperity… Just ask the Greeks.
FREEDOM of SPEECH WATCH! Google reports a growing number of requests from Western democracies for the service to take down certain types of political Internet content.