Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feel Free to Use These Daily Tweets and One Liners – 5/5/12

What comes after the higher education bubble? Actually, it may be very positive!

ALERT! Watch this to decide if your RFID credit card is easily hacked and take protective steps.

Number of Americans Paid Not to Work Growing Faster than Number of Taxpayers

Tebow Leadercast: "When your number's called, you have to go in there and make the most of it " #Christian

Obama’s Govt: Preparing for Massive U.S. Civil War? Worried About Economic Collapse? #veteran # teaparty

Obama's Private War - How long before even the semblance of our Constitution is gone? #military #veteran

Bang the Socialism Drum Loudly: +entrepreneurs -couch potatoes +job creators -welfare recipients.

Tea Party FtL & Florida Family Action Welcome a Special Guest Speaker From S. AFRICA #veteran #Christian

Patriots > Don’t Miss: Obama Disrespects SEAL Team 6 Families #veteran #USMC #USN #military #tcot

Obamian lies and misdirection are not going to make our economic future any rosier …

What will our Demagoguer-In-Chief do when he runs out of scapegoats?

The History of America is the History of Mixing Religion and Politics > Without Religion …

Marine pilot earns honor for heroic Libya rescue - No Shit News (NSN)-Im sure you saw this on the news right?

Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, They Wear Dog Tags …

This is an eye-opening, must-watch indictment: Obama’s communist roots #tcot #forward

Q: What's the difference between a Democrat politician and a leech? A: A leech quits sucking your blood after you die