Monday, May 14, 2012

Should the Quran Be Allowed To Be Burnt In America?

Dave is well-known to Tea Party Fort Lauderdale for his faithful and fearless opposition to Muslim practices and law that would destroy America!

By: Dave Gaubatz

This topic has generated discussions around the world, and Muslims (as often is the case) have resorted to violence to express their views. Although Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries ban the Bible and have on many occasions burnt the Bibles of our troops who have travelled through their country, the Saudi’s are the first to condemn disrespecting the Quran in any fashion.

Muslims across the world burn the American flag and kill Christians because they have rejected Islam. On the other side Muslims across the world have killed our troops because they felt the Quran had been desecrated by infidels.

The justification by Muslims to commit violence against anyone who disrespects the Quran is like a glass with no bottom. The vast majority of Muslim people desecrate the Quran themselves. I have been to hundreds of mosques across the world and have seen the Quran thrown by Muslims, the Quran placed on a dirty floor, and the Quran laying on the floor of the bathroom in which ‘wudu’ is performed (washing of the body before prayer). Throughout my various assignments in Muslim dominated countries I have observed them first-hand use any excuse or false justification to commit acts of violence. The Quran and the ideology of Islam are rooted in evil and violence.

Now the important question. Should non Muslims in America be allowed to burn the Quran if they choose and not fear threats of slander, blasphemy, and violence be lodged against them? The answer is rather simple. Anyone in America is indeed free to burn the Quran or any book they choose. The U.S. Constitution gives us this right. We may not all agree it is right, but nevertheless, a person in a democratic society has this right. They can burn the Quran or Winnie the Pooh books if they desire.

What Americans should fear is the real possibility our elected leaders will make it illegal to desecrate the Quran and the guilt party will likely be fined and imprisoned. If Islamic scholars have their way the full measure of Sharia will be levied against the guilty party and the punishment is death.

Do you balk and shake your head that this can’t happen in America? There are already politicians and senior law enforcement who endorse the destruction of the Quran as a crime.

I encourage Americans to stand up for their rights before they no longer have rights.