Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Rutting of RINOs and Donkeys explained!

By John Sykes

The GOP is controlled by RINOs who have little interest in returning us to small government and less taxes. Doing so requires a big upheaval and the loss of incumbent powers. The GOP, as the RINOs know it, would be thrown out.

The two parties have each controlled roughly 50% of the executive and legislative branches since Teddy Roosevelt. Why then has the size of government trended hugely upwards and inexorably to the left? Easy, the democrats are better at negotiating.

But the ruling elites really don't care who is in power as long as the entrenched elites, GOP or Democrat, remain in control. They gladly accept occasional power for permanent control.

But, maybe worse yet, as Does The Republican Establishment Want To Lose? suggests, the DC elites, the political class, have now decided that it would be best to have 100% of both power and control in one rather than two parties.

And then they let We The People eat some cake …