Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pandering without Profit > The Worst Possible “Political Science” That Money Can Buy!

By G. Murphy Donovan at

Two successive administrations now have sought to appease Muslims by minimizing the threat from Islamists.  Indeed, science has now been enlisted in that effort.  Early stimulus came from the White House…

First, there was the Iraq distraction, a theater that had little to do with worldwide terror or Islamism, and then came a period of dithering over Afghanistan, the so-called "war of necessity."  Throughout, neither political party could decide whether to treat the soldiers of Islam as prisoners of war or criminals.  While Americans remained confused, Islamists made steady gains.  For the West, the drift into the muck of appeasement and the humiliation of a Soviet-like retreat now seems inevitable.

America and NATO are headed for the exits in the Levant and South Asia.  Yet the greater problems of a nuclear Iran and growing Arab irredentism are still metastasizing.  And all the early political Pollyanna about democracy and freedom in Arabia hasn't altered the vector of religious politics.  Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and now Syria are on the cusp of clerical control.  Like in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the political prospects for Muslims today are largely theocratic.

There is a thread that binds all of this.  The decline of a Euro-American vision that made creativity, art, science, and democracy possible has been underwritten by the worst possible political "science" that borrowed money can buyInsh'allah!

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