Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Can't Hear You > iPodding out the Heartbeat!

[These is a really horrifying look at the pro-choice mentality, at their inhumanity to both women and the pre-born! – JS]

From Eric Metaxas at breakpoint.org

…Have you heard those stories about German churches that sang their hymns louder and louder so as to drown out the screams of the Jews being transported to the death camps on a nearby railway? Well, something horribly similar is happening again today, this time in the state of Texas.

Pro-abortion forces are not happy that a state law now requires abortion clinics to have patients watch a sonogram of their unborn baby, receive a medically-accurate explanation of what they are seeing, and listen to the baby's heartbeat.

This last part was too much truth for pro-choice blogger Denise Paolucci. She came up with the idea of raising money in order to purchase iPods for abortion clinics. Her idea was to offer them to patients to allow them to drown out the sound of the baby's heartbeat.  After raising a thousand dollars, Paolucci made the iPod offer to several Planned Parenthood clinics, some of which enthusiastically took her up on this offer.

Now, you kind of have to wonder why anyone would want to help women drown out the truth about abortion. After all, how much choice does a woman really have if she's kept in the dark about what she's doing? And you have to wonder what's next? Eye patches to prevent women from seeing their babies kick and hiccup on the sonogram? Yikes!

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