Friday, May 18, 2012

Conservative on Target! 5/18/12

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WILLIAMSON'S SECOND LAW:  Invocations of "White privilege" mean you've abandoned any logical argument for your position, concede your inferiority in the moral, intellectual and/or economic spectra, and expect that your superiors will fix your problem for you, while claiming to be equal.
Are Pro-Life Libertarians Fascists? “I apparently am. And so is Tom Woods and many other libertarian friends of mine, Christian and nonbelievers. In response to my article today, "Should Libertarians Be Conservatives?," I was told by a libertarian: "pro choice or pro life? you're not a libertarian if you deny a woman free choice, just another fascist SOB." No wonder Christians have such an aversion to libertarianism.” Laurence Vance
RINO Romp! Some Republicans in the House of Representatives are working to end the ban on earmarks early next year, despite opposition from Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).Obama's National Park Gaffe... "Hundreds of national parks will close"... (There are only 58 national parks)
"The American notion of freedom transcended the political realm and in fact extended to every major category of human relationships, including those between employer and employee, clergyman and layman, husband and wife, parent and child, public official and citizen. Americans believed that, as of July 4, 1776, all men were created equal, and that any impairment of a man’s equality was destructive of his liberty also." -- David M. Potter
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