Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ad to the Confusion – Tea Party Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons:

Frankly, Barack Obama's ads attacking Mitt Romney sound almost identical to the ads whichsupport Mitt Romney - the most significant difference being that Obama's team plays the theme from "The Exorcist" under Romney's long list of accomplishments.

Seriously, look at the things Romney is being accused of: having earned significant wealth, making businesses more efficient (including downsizing when necessary - a concept utterly foreign to Washington), a proven record of executive experience as a governor (not as a "community organizer"), and a quietly dedicated churchgoer who apparently believes ineveryone's freedom of religion including Catholics

Of course, in the world of politics, there's nothing new about attacking your opponent's strengths... but this strikes us as something truly different.

Why? Because the Obama campaign is attacking Romney's virtues because they are "virtues"...with the expectation that these laudable qualities and traditional American values are abhorrent to those on the Left. And Obama's campaign strategists have made this decision based on their candidate's own repeated rejection of those values.

So far, Obama's "hate the American dream" attacks aren't doing much damage to Romney - and are causing confusion about just what the president stands for.

Or, more accurately, they're clearing up confusion about what the president stands for...and that may prove to be a devastating miscalculation when it comes to winning the hearts, minds, and votes of Americans who increasingly want a job-creating executive in the Whitehouse instead of a smug Marxist on the golf course.