Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Supreme Irony – Conservative Cartoon

from hopenchangecartoons

Alleged Constitutional scholar Barack Obama was shocked - shocked! - this week to learn of the existence and purpose of something called "The Supreme Court."
In a rose garden speech, the man who taught Constitutional law at the now thoroughly discredited University of Chicago petulantly announced that this so-called Supreme Court would be taking an "unprecedented, extraordinary step" if they overturn a law which was enacted by Congress.

Which, of course, is one of the primary responsibilities the Supreme Court was assigned when the body was created in the Constitution (which Obama hasn't actually read, but has "heard a lot about"). And far from being an unprecedented or extraordinary step, the Supreme Court has struck down over 150 laws deemed to not be Constitutional, and has done so for over 200 years now.

But the shocks did not end there for the president. Because with a look of slack-jawed, baffled outrage, he announced his discovery that the members of the Supreme Court are "an unelected group of people," implying that they lack the moral authority that comes from being answerable to voters.

Oh, really...?

Because the dark, ugly heart throbbing at the center of Obamacare is the Independent Payment Advisory Board - known as IPAB to the politically correct, and as The Death Panel to realists. This is Obama's 15-member board of unelected people who will decide what medical treatments the government will and won't pay for, and who will (and importantly, who won't) get treatment. These are the unaccountable individuals who will take Obama's euthanistic threat to pass out painkillers instead of pacemakers and give it the power of law. Law which is specifically not subject to review by any court.

Supposedly, it's the "unelected" status of the IPAB members which Obama heralds as making them more fair than any political body could be - which is the exact opposite of the president's criticism of the Supreme Court.

But that doesn't mean that the IPAB will be free of outside influences when making our life-and-death decisions. Far from it! Obamacare specifically mandates that the board "may accept, use, and dispose of gifts or donations of services or property" when making their decisions. It's practically sending out an engraved invitation for bribes...and making them completely legal!

So in the future, your life may hang not on what kind of insurance you have, but on whether you have 15 Rolex watches to give away. And if you're hoping to get the government to buy huge quantities of GM Volt Pacemakers which only occasionally burst into flame, you'd better keep your corporate jet fueled up to take the IPAB members to Club Med and provide some pretty good escort services (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) once they get there.

In summary, Hope n' Change has to admit that we don't really think that Barack Obama is as ignorant of the Constitution as he pretends to be. We think he probably knows it pretty well.

And he hates it.

Which is why he has taken the truly "unprecedented, extraordinary step" of publically attacking the Supreme Court's very right to rule on Constitutional matters (and therefore to even exist)...thereby directly challenging the structure of our government and the safeguards which the Founding Fathers established specifically to protect us from would-be dictators.

So serious and frightening is Obama's challenge to our nation's system of checks and balances that a Federal Appeals Court has just ordered (not asked) Eric Holder's Justice Department to turn in a written statement by Thursday explaining whether or not this administration concedes the authority of the Supreme Court.

Because if it doesn't, then Obamacare will be the least of our worries.