Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romney Revolution’s secret weapon is the Tea Party


Democrats didn’t understand the Tea Party movement in 2010, and they don’t understand it now. That’s fine. They suffered historic losses because of their blissful ignorance, and they will do so again. The more interesting question is whether the Republicans understand.

The Tea Party’s three guiding principles are limited government, constitutional fidelity and free-market economics. In three short years, this nascent movement has fundamentally transformed the political landscape. Activists have targeted statists of both political parties and have supported whichever candidate better reflects the guiding principles.

Witness the historic and improbable election of Massachusetts Sen. Scott P. Brown. Hardly a Tea Party poster child, he became the beneficiary of the only movement in America powerful enough to break the decades-long stranglehold the Kennedy clan had on Massachusetts. The Tea Party mobilized solely to secure “the 40th vote against Obamacare.” …

Tea Party members will pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to restoring our republic, but they will not give President Mitt Romney a blank check. He understands this, and it is for this reason that the Romney Revolution is poised to restore America to greatness.

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