Friday, April 6, 2012

Par For The Course – Conservative Cartoon

from hopenchangecartoons

Barack Obama, the world's hardest-working man, took time out this week from fundraising junkets and pronouncing the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional to speak out on a matter of deep, personal importance to him: golf.

Specifically, he opined that the Augusta National Golf Club should change its membership rules to start admitting women. According to Whitehouse Spokesworm Jay Carney, the president "believes Augusta should admit women. We’re kinda long past the time when women should be excluded from anything."

Except, of course, the president's own notoriously "guys only" golf outings. Although in fairness, we can understand why Mr. Obama wouldn't want women in his party, smacking longer drives than he has any hope of hitting.

But on matters of women and hitting, Carney had less to say about this week's affectionate meeting of Whitehouse officials (not the president himself, who was presumably on the links) with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, to celebrate their Obama-assisted rise to power in Egypt and their continuing drive for the kind of Sharia law which would give the ever-frisky Sandra Fluke an endless supply of free stones instead of free birth control.

All of which makes Barack Obama's genuine commitment to women more than a little hard to believe.

Which is why female voters should be seriously questioning whether they should vote for a man who is seen as "unbeatable among women" yet, when it's politically expedient, doesn't see women as unbeatable.