Thursday, April 26, 2012

If Romney campaigns just on the economy and not on values, he will lose in November


Dennis Prager says the Left is campaigning on their values (fairness, income equality, etc) because they understand that’s where the battle is fought. But he says the Right doesn’t seem to understand that, and if Romney just campaigns on the economy and not on our values (Liberty, the individual, etc) which he says are much better values, he will lose in November:

The battle is about values. It’s not about the economy. The economy is a symptom, it’s not the cause of the problems that afflict America. And I am so sad that is not understood.

Ironically, it’s understood by the Left. They know the battle is about values. The Right thinks the battle is over the economy.

And if Mitt Romney campaigns just on the economy – are you doing better or worse than three years ago – he will lose. If he battles on values, debt, centrality of government or centrality of the individual, liberty versus material equality, multiculturalism versus E pluribus unum, then we will win. We’ll always win on values.

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