Friday, April 27, 2012

Dems Crafting Bill to Use IRS Code to Remove 2nd Amendment Rights and Much More!

irs gun

With the help of Representatives like Barbara Boxer of California, a bill rapidly working through Capitol Hill (passed through the Senate and is currently up for review in the House) will give the IRS power to:

-Accuse Americans of delinquency of tax payment without due process
-Revoke their passports and travel rights
-Place the accused in a centralize database
-Authorize the removal of their right to own a firearm

No formal charges are required. Simply the accusation from the IRS is sufficed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

“There is no requirement that the tax payer be guilty of or even charged with tax evasion, fraud, or any criminal offense — only that the citizen is alleged to owe the IRS back taxes of $50,000 or more,”reports the Daily Economist.

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