Friday, April 6, 2012

BRILLIANCE! One Pennsylvania man's Hire Just One program. Can we keep the politicians from ruining it?

by John Sykes

This may be the most important job creation policy devised in recent memory. It would satisfy those who pander for unemployment benefits and those who would create a job.

From Fox News:

Pennsylvania philanthropist Gene Epstein has been called many things: Persistent car salesman, tenacious real estate investor -- and in superhero terms, crusading job creator.

He's best known for his Hire Just One program, a job creation project he came up with to get Americans back to work. Now, his new Hire Just One initiative has picked up the bipartisan support of two Pennsylvania members of Congress, Rep Jim Gerlach, a Republican, and Rep. Allyson Schwartzm, a Democrat. 

If implemented, the plan would transfer a person's weekly unemployment compensation to a company that hires them, as a payroll subsidy for expanding its staff.

Epstein says his plan has many steps to ensure lasting employment. He outlined the plan to Fox News, saying employers can't fire anyone to take advantage of the deal, "There has to be a net gain of jobs. Also, a person has to be unemployed at least six months, and a company has to pay that person double what their unemployment is as a minimum."

Study it. Drag it through the mud. And then tell me in the comments section if you have ever seen a better solution. This is what happens when you let Americans loose to solve problems. Now we just have to hope the government and elitists and RINOs don’t kill it.

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