Friday, April 20, 2012

At the end, without revival, we will not be!

By John Sykes

We have the entire political spectrum calling each other names, often vile, with large segments of our society scared of each other. We know that our Insulter-In-Chief, a large segment of our political parties, and a whole bunch of ignorant and self-important talking heads are fueling incivility. They hope for political gain while they set us at each other’s throats.

Note that I said “fueling incivility”. More important may be what is the root cause of the collapse of civility? Where can we look to see what our future portends? The Ugly Brutishness of Modern Britain tells us:

What has caused this collapse of civility in Britain, which was, within living memory, a civil country? In my view, it is a demotic version of egalitarianism, allied with multiculturalism.

I’ll define “demotic version of egalitarianism” as believing in our rights to life, liberty and … happiness, intentionally savaging the all-important phrase “the pursuit of happiness”. Many of us have voted for the devil(s) who assure us “happiness” without “the pursuit” part. Our entitlement society is the result.

Multiculturalism, one of the leading derivations of relativism, completes this deadly and culture-destroying partnership.

Multiculturalism is damaging because it denies that, when it comes to culture, there is a better and a worse, a higher and a lower—only difference. The word culture is used here in its anthropological sense, that is to mean the totality of behavior that is not directly biological.

Hence any conduct—lying scantily clad in a pool of vomit, for example—is part of a culture, and since all cultures, ex hypothesi, are of equal worth, no one has the moral right to criticize, much less forbid, any kind of behavior. And if I have to accept your culture, you have to accept mine. If you don't like it—tough. Unfortunately, the lowest level of culture is the easiest to reach and, again ex hypothesi, there is no reason to aim higher.

So, not only do we profess the right to happiness absent pursuit, we have the right to any kind of happiness we want, right or wrong, moral or immoral, absolute or relative.

We now have idiots defecating on police cars and allowing rape in their instant cultures.

We have self-serving and hypocritical leaders pandering their statist fulfillment of happiness.

We will soon be Britain and Greece.

At the end, without revival, we will not be!