Monday, April 30, 2012

And the liberal cliché that you rode in on …

By John Sykes

Jonah Goldberg … points out that “ [liberals] hide ideological claims in rhetorical Trojan horses, hoping to conquer terrain unearned by real debate.”

Often because they don’t have any facts or only very selective truths, Liberals sink to using cliches to try to win an argument.

Here are Jonah Goldberg’s top five cliches that liberals use to avoid real arguments:

  • ‘Diversity is strength’
  • ‘Violence never solved anything’
  • ‘The living Constitution’
  • 'Social Darwinism’
  • ‘Better 10 guilty men go free . . .’

When faced with any of these Liberal burps, point out the use of the cliché, request something with substance, or read the rest of this article to learn Goldberg’s brilliant answers.

Then tell that Liberal to ride back out on that Trojan horse and take his equine manure with him.

Or use a better conservative cliché!