Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Words of the Profits – Conservative Cartoon

from hopenchangecartoons

For the second year in a row, the House of Representatives has examined the fiscal budget submitted by Barack Hussein "World's Smartest Economist" Obama and voted it down unanimously as being an utterly useless piece of political crap.

Hilariously, the Associated Press did their best to cover the president's keester on this embarrassing defeat, reporting that the "GOP-run House easily rejects Obama budget." Oh - the Democrats in the House weren't given a chance to vote? Well yes, they were - and the AP says that even the Dems "largely voted no."

Largely?! The vote was 414-0! The Democrats didn't largely vote no, they unanimously voted no! Not a living, breathing soul elected to the House of Representatives thought that the president's budget was worth even a token vote of support! The AP could more accurately have reported: "Obama's Budget Declared Rancid Roadkill - Too Foul For Even Dems To Swallow."

But maybe there will be more luck when a vote comes down on the Senate budget and...oh wait, that's right. Harry Reid and his band of merry marauders haven't bothered to even propose a budget in years, because they've been waaaaay too busy stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and underwriting lubricant subsidies for Georgetown coeds.

But Republican Paul Ryan has created a budget, just passed by the House (without the help of a single Democrat), which could actually make a positive difference in our nation's future by, for instance, making sure we have a future.

Because astoundingly, as this excellent video from Bill Whittle shows, Tim Geithner concedes that by his own calculations, our country will collapse completely just 15 years from now owing to out-of-control spending...and he blithely admits that the Obama administration has no plan and no intent to stop that disaster.

But after saying that he has no plan to prevent national armageddon, Geither sneers to Ryan that "we've seen your plan and we don't like it." End of conversation. And presumably end of country.

Well, Mr. Geithner, some of us don't much like the idea of you, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama deliberately spending the United States out of existence in the next few years.

Which is why we're hoping (but not expecting) that the Senate and the president will ratify Ryan's budget as soon as possible. Failing that, it is our greatest wish that this November, Barack Obama will receive exactly the same number of approving votes that his insulting, hypocritical, anti-American joke of a budget just got in Congress.