Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Target: AMC Theatres blocks legal gun carriers!

From Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Newsletter

It's time to turn our attention to a major company which blocks legal gun carriers from their facilities (but the criminals will continue to carry there, of course). AMC Theatres is the second largest chain of movie houses in the U.S.. It also blocks women and men who legally carry firearms for the protection of themselves and others.

This comment is from the form response AMC Theatres offers when asked about it:

"For the safety and security of our guests and associates, and as a family business, AMC feels the best way to protect our guests and associates is to have a uniform, standardized policy prohibiting weapons on our premises, and to post such policy. (In many states, we are required by law to post signage if we have a policy against bringing weapons on our property, hence the posting of signage at our theatres nationwide.)"

I've long said that we need to address those companies who make their places more dangerous by restricting firearms carry to the criminals. It's only fair that we let a company know when we are not going to spend money with it, and tell it why.

May I suggest that you politely let AMC Theatres know if you will not be going to the movies at their places, and that you continue to offer to return to their theatres when they remove the restriction on LEGAL firearms. If they want to post signs saying that ILLEGAL guns are prohibited, they are free to. Of course, that won't keep out the criminals any more than the current signs do, but at least it won't keep the law-abiding citizens out. 

The email address for AMC Theatres is AMCGuestServices@amctheatres.com.