Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Last Salute To A Conservative Warrior: Andrew Breitbart

from hopenchangecartoons:

Hope n' Change is devastated to learn that Andrew Breitbart, only 43 years old, has passed away from natural causes. And just when we needed him most.

In a truly unprecedented way, Breitbart turned journalism on its head in order to break through the suffocating Left-wing bias of the mainstream media. Indeed, he introduced the use of "asymmetrical warfare" to fight Liberals...they had the media and the money, he had the brains and balls.

And importantly, he had a sense of humor almost as expansive as his sense of patriotism.

Hopefully, Breitbart's special brand of journalism will live on in his many creations (, BigHollywood, BigGoverment, BigJournalism, and BigPeace), and his courage to speak out in defense of our country and our Constitution will continue to be expressed by the millions of people he reached on a daily basis.

He was one of a kind, and he will be terribly missed.