Friday, March 23, 2012

Vet him! Expose him! Show the public how nasty he thinks this country is!

[His past is prologue. His agenda is beyond statism. His elitism allows him to misdirect and lie. Only he knows what is best for you but he doesn’t care! He is very, very dangerous. – JS]


From rightwingnews:

…The biggest problem of all is that Americans seem to like President Obama personally. He can be charming; his family is certainly beautiful. He is also vain, rude, arrogant and nasty, of course — but the media has covered up those characteristics. Despite his political approval ratings varying widely over the last several years, Obama’s personal approval rating has never dropped — it has remained high throughout.

Therein lies the problem.

It’s a problem that can be laid at the feet of John McCain, who refused to define for the American public just who Barack Obama was, preferring instead to attack his arguments. That’s a mistake in a presidential election, where you have to define the personality of your opponent before attacking him on policy.

Conservatives cannot make the same mistake in this election cycle. They must define for the American public just who Barack Obama is. Who is he? He’s a man who never met a radical he didn’t like. He’s a fellow who thinks that American society is irreparably racist, irrationally bigoted and immoral beyond measure. He believes that fundamental change is necessary because America is a fundamentally nasty place.

When we seek to vet this president, we must look at all of him, not just the pretty pictures and not just the obvious policy failures. We must figure out what makes Barack Obama tick. It’s only once we do that, that the American people will know their commander-in-chief fully enough to lose faith in him and he richly deserves that loss of faith.

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