Thursday, March 8, 2012

ACTION! Keep up the pressure > Advertiser Flees ABC’s Anti-Christian Program!

It’s Working! Advertiser Flees ABC’s Anti-Christian Program

This week, ABC began airing its newest show “Good Christian Belles” or G. C. B. The show was originally titled “Good Christian B*tches,” and as expected the show is a cheap attempt to portray Christian women in the worst possible light.

From its obscene opening all the way to its offensive use of public prayer at the end, the show attacks all Christian women and mocks people who take the Bible seriously. It even twists the scriptures to support wicked behavior.

Many Christians have been outraged over this unprecedented attack. One national sponsor has already withdrawn its advertising from the show.

In a statement released this week, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, an product of Kraft Foods, said, “Philadelphia has decided to pull its advertising from GCB ... We have received complaints from consumers and their opinions about our advertising are important to us.”

We can’t stop here. While ABC is pretending to be oblivious to its bigoted attack on Christian women, national advertisers are aware of the programs malicious content and are retreating. ABC will only get the clue when the public outcry affects their wallet.


Contact the remaining national sponsors from Sunday’s premiere and urge them to pull their advertising and support family friendly programming on other networks! Please forward this to your friends and family. Let's take a stand for Christian women.

  1. Target, click here.
  2. Mentos (Perfetti Van Melle), click here.
  3. Chef Boyardee (ConAgra), click here.
  4. Hellmann's (Unilever), click here.