Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chuck Colson: Moral Relativism and Education

From Chuck Colson

…Anderson writes, “While we may hope some [students] are capable of bridging the gap between principled morality and this ethically vacuous relativism, it is evident that a good many are not. For them, the overriding message is ‘never judge, never criticize, never take a position.’” Anderson wonders whether in our current educational system, we’re not producing ethical paralytics? Well, if the horrifying example of the students’ reaction in this case is any indication, Anderson already knows the answer.

We would do well to ponder the words of Pope Benedict, who said on January first that neither justice nor peace is possible if we do not hold the Ten Commandments as expressions of objective truth. The Pope said that peace and justice are simply “words without content” unless founded on the bedrock of natural moral law, as expressed in the Decalogue, given to Moses more than 3,000 years ago.

Unfortunately, moral law, objective truth, and right and wrong are mostly ignored in today’s relativistic character and values approaches to education — and then we’re surprised when students no longer have the moral capacity to judge what happened to Bibi Aisha as wrong? It’s why we must combat moral relativism at every turn…

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