Friday, November 18, 2011

Mitt Romney Is Unelectable! (Are the Blind Leading the Blind?)

By Larry Miller

We are told by the Republican establishment and the formerly mainstream media that Mitt Romney is the only potential candidate that could defeat the current White House resident. They tell us that he is the only one who can appeal the uninvolved Americans living in the mushy middle. We are also told that positions by the others seeking the presidency proposing solutions that would actually work, are too far outside the mindset of the media and consumption numbed Americans to be acceptable.

As is so often the case, the conventional wisdom dispensed from on high fails to look beyond the prejudices of their own echo chamber of inside the beltway thinking. They miss so much that is plain to normal Americans. Mitt Romney, we are told, is the only one who is “presidential” enough to be convincing. I’m not exactly sure what “presidential” means. It could be that he is more like them… which, in itself, is frightening – and disqualifying. Being “presidential” could also mean a more regal air, or as some would see it, elitist.

One of the real reasons Romney is unelectable is the same reason the previous darling of the “moderates” in the Republican Party, John McCain was unelectable back in 2008. He related well to the insider king makers who felt comfortable with inoffensive style and acceptance of government solutions to non-governmental problems. He faced a broad field of candidates, most of whom were more conservative than McCain. The key to his victory in the winner take all primary system was fragmentation of the conservative vote.

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