Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Percent Pander & Eat (with) The Rich! – Conservative Cartoons

From Chip Bok: In an ABC interview with Jake Tapper last night, Obama reached out to the Occupy Wall Street crowd and called for a more “egalitarian” society.

No word yet on a bail-out for Wall Street’s investment in Obama.

Update:  It turns out the president is still raking The Street.

from hopenchangecartoons:

Not content to sit on the sidelines, the Community Organizer In Chief has finally made it official that he stands in solidarity with the anti-capitalist "Occupy Wall Street" movement.

Preparing for his latest bus tour (in which the president actually flies to meet the monolithically black "Darth Bus" so he can be seen getting off for speaking engagements), Barack Obama declared that "the interests of the 99% of Americans (will be) well-represented on the tour!"

Ironically, the president is charging 100% of these campaign appearances toAmerican taxpayers, and a full 30% of that money comes guessed it...the Evil Top 1%.

And just to make sure that there's absolutely no confusion on the subject, Obama granted an interview to ABC News in which he declared "we are on their side." Meaning, pretty clearly, he's sure as hell not on our side.

We'd like to say that it's baffling for the president to associate himself with a group that is threatening violent class warfare, promotes anti-Semitism, is anti-American, defecates on the police, wants the government to give "everything to everybody," and has no idea where jobs or paychecks come from...but it's not baffling in the least. Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street are as identical as Siamese twins and just as inextricably joined.

Sadly, Hope n' Change believes that Barack Obama will not be satisfied with mere protests, and will continue to stoke the fires until he attains his actual goal: rioting in the streets.

Think it couldn't happen? YouTube has plenty of videos showing OWS speakers calling for violence, Jimmy Hoffa Jr promised the president a unionized "Army" to "take sons of bitches out," and former National Security Advisor (under former "Worst President Ever" Jimmy Carter) Zbigniew Brzezinski is calling for the government to give the public lists of citizens "who make, largely through speculation, enormous amounts of money" in order to "pressure some of those people to give some of it back, back to society."

And what kind of "pressure" would that be, Zbig? The people with "pitchforks" that Obama previously threatened to set on bankers to force them to take bailouts? Molotov cocktails? Or perhaps a trip in a horsedrawn cart to visit Madame Guillotine?

It's frighteningly possible that we're now facing a true Socialist revolution. A revolution stoked and supported by the media, unions, brainwashed youth, leaders of the Democrat party and, of course, our nation's first Socialist president.

For the record, this is how "that Hope and Change thing" is working out for America.