Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama Fiddles, the Radical Left Cheer, & We the Sheep Bleat

By John Sykes

    How come the progressive/liberal/democrat circles aren’t showing us polls of the OWS mobs’ views on the leading issues of the day?


  • The polls will show the incoherence of the mob.
  • The polls will not be significantly pro-democrat or pro-Obama.
  • The polls will prove the mob to be a distraction welcomed by the progressives.
  • The polls will show the true leaders or motives of the OWS’s radical vanguard.

This mob fits very nicely into Obama’s progressive scorched-earth, racist, scape-goating political strategy. His strategy would take our eyes off how we got here, how we haven’t been able to get away from here, and how we aren’t ever going to get away from here if we don’t significantly retreat from the progressive policies of the last 100 years.

But it’s really worse than that.

Cloward, Piven, Alinsky, Marx, Stalin and all the rest of the radicals, alive or dead, are laughing their rear ends off. While the progressives try to distract us, the radicals will have their day.

Don’t forget it is anarchy and violence these radicals want. They want kids lying in the streets trundled up like cattle. They want filth spread from one end of this country to the other. They want barricades and fires. And they will welcome some dead …

And these radicals are going to get this devastation as Obama and the rest of the useful idiots fiddle while We the Sheep are the bleating victims!.

Where are our sheepdogs?