Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Conservative on Target!

The strange case of [slime] Robert Garwood: Most of the Vietnam veterans among you recognize the name of Robert Garwood as the Marine who defected to the Viet Cong in the closing days of his tour of Vietnam and eventually returned home in 1979 to a court martial that ended exceedingly well for Garwood what with him being a turncoat traitor and all. [He ranks higher than Jane Fonda and John Kerry. Here’s a slimy post about this slime. - JS]

The 'Hunger' Hoax by Thomas Sowell: Politicians, welfare state bureaucrats and others have incentives to create or perpetuate hoaxes, whether about poverty in general or hunger in particular. The high cost to taxpayers is exceeded by the even higher cost of lost opportunities for fulfillment in their lives by those who succumb to the lure of a stagnant life of dependency.
The Tea Party vs. The Establishment: [Mitt Romney will] lose the general election for a very simple reason: Nobody in the conservative base is excited about him. While the so-called GOP opinion leaders wax on about how super-electable he is, they fail to recognize that it is precisely that logic that gave us the unelectable John McCain. Turnout wins elections these days, not appeals to the independent voter. [AMEN – JS]
Astronomers win Nobel Physics Prize for insights into expanding universeNANNY Watch! Fat tax could be introduced in Britain and already has been in Denmark!: The Prime Minister said drastic action was needed to prevent health costs soaring and life expectancy falling. Under measures introduced recently by Denmark, a surcharge is being placed on foods that contain more than 2.3% saturated fat. The levy is targeting high-fat products such as butter, milk, cheese, pizza, meat, oil and processed food in a bid to improve health. Danish consumers have criticised the step, while retailers have complained about excessive bureaucracy. [As goes Europe, so goes Obummer! Are we next?]
Barack Obama’s new strategy of blaming House Republicans for blocking any of his initiatives relied on Senate Democrats to pass his bills — a strategy that fell apart almost instantly, and disintegrated completely yesterday when Harry Reid blocked consideration of Obama’s jobs bill [and then accused Republicans of obstruction]. One might have thought that Obama and his team would have worked with Senate Democrats to get the strategy set before rolling out those proposals, but as The Hill reports, Obama seems almost as intent on alienating his allies as much as his opponents… [DC’s across-the-aisle incompetence is getting almost mesmerizing, lemming-like (click for cartoon). – JS]
The Struggle for the Soul of Islam: A reformation, while sorely needed, is nearly impossible as long as educated Muslims war with fundamentalists. [So call me when you are ready to renounce sharia law. I’m sort of fond of my head. – JS]