Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Nation & Minstrel Pains – Conservative Cartoons


from hopenchangecartoons:

Democrat Harry Reid once famously observed that Barack Obama's popularity is partially based on the fact that he is "light-skinned" and "has no Negro dialect unless he wants to have one." A skill which was amply demonstrated when the president recently addressed an awards ceremony for the Black Congressional Caucus, and did everything except whip out a banjo and sing "Mammy."

The Harvard-educated president was suddenly dropping g's at the ends of words, and using the term "y'all," no doubt reflecting his early upbringing in the Deep South...of Indonesia.

And while Barack Obama's condescending style of presentation was troubling, his actualmessage was flat out racially offensive. According to the president, the reason Black employment numbers are so bad is that Black people are complainin', grumblin', cryin' and lounging around in bedroom slippers rather than putting on their "marching shoes."

And just who should these allegedly whiny layabouts be marching on? Why, the people in Washington "who are fighting us!" Like those obvious racists in the Tea Party who, according to one member of Obama's audience, would like to see Black citizens "hanging on a tree."

Except there's a little problem with the president's tent revival speechifyin'. Specifically, Tea Party favorite Herman Cain (who has twice as many Black parents as Barack Obama) just won the GOP Florida straw poll by a landslide... collecting more votes than runner-ups Perry and Romney combined.

Barack Obama's shuck-and-jive race-baiting not only demeans the Black demographic whose vote he so covets, but also demeans the struggles of the Civil Rights movement and the office of the presidency itself. This being the case, Hope n' Change will be delighted if it turns out to be Herman Cain who eventually throws Obama out of the Whitehouse and slams the door afterward.

And Mr. Cain? Don't forget to change the locks.