Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Conservative on Target! Worse Than Solyndra, Gold, FEMA Fever, Life After Death, Obamacare

const1Liberty, Tyranny, and Ethics – We are what’s wrong with the world! But the root of the problem isn’t government. It’s the now reflexive habit of our culture to identify freedom with license, not liberty, and the resulting moral and ethical failures that have gradually become the norm in all too many spheres of life. Without those ethical failures, government encroachment would not have been seen as necessary or desirable.

Thought it couldn't get any worse than Solyndra? President Obama's nominee [John Bryson] for Commerce secretary served as chairman of the board of a solar energy company that recently received a $1.37 billion federal loan guarantee – the largest the Department of Energy has ever given for a solar power project. [You won’t believe who is in and behind this project. Your first guess – Van Jones – is correct but there are a whole lot more of his ilk involved. When is someone at the top going to go to jail for this? – JS]
ALERT! Europe Beginning to Restrict Private Citizens From Purchasing Gold & Silver [Look out! As goes Europe, so goes Obummer!. – JS]
How Harry Reid Manufactured a Crisis Over Disaster Aid: So the agenda of the tax-and-spend crowd is now clear. President Obama created the problem by overusing FEMA on disasters a record 222 times so far this year where federal aid was not essential. Then liberals manufactured a crisis and exploited disaster relief victims in order to keep expanding the size of government. What's worse is that the some members of the media played along with it. [This is truly vote buying at its worst! – JS]
The federal government has made more than $601 million in payments to deceased federal retirees according to the inspector general of the Office of Personnel Management. [So there must be life after death! – JS]

The Supreme Court will likely decide the constitutionality of Obamacare this term now that the Justice Department has announced it will not ask the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta to take up the case. [WOW! A better mind than mine needs to tell me why Obummer is allowing this. – JS]