Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Target: Obamacare, Alinsky Corps, Volt?



If you see “reds” when you look at the image, you really need to read: “Educate, collaborate, AGITATE!”: Alinsky’s teacher corps


AMBUSH Watch! The FOXers, including Megan, seem to be buying ObamaCare's sham feint to states' rights! So why am I sure that Obama Offers Flexibility to Implement Single Payer Faster is a trap once the fox is in the hen house? This headline and article really says it perfectly > Obama Offers Flexibility to Implement Single Payer Faster

BRAVO! Koch Industries Is Speaking Out about how crony capitalism and bloated government prevent entrepreneurs from producing the products and services that make people's lives better!

The Massachusetts Health-Reform Mess has shown the risks of ObamaCare - and of Mitt Romney who put it in?

It is almost unheard of that this happens! > For 50 Straight Weeks, the Majority Has Supported Repeal of ObamaCare. The states went after ObamaCare full bore so why we don’t yet see a serious effort in Congress on this?

imageBoth the NYT and Consumer Reports seem to agree that taxpayer money is being dumped into a car [the Volt]that the public can’t afford and/or doesn’t want.


My faith in the common sense of the American people was invigorated by a poll proving overwhelming 75% of voters think that gun laws are either adequate or too harsh for law-abiding citizens (33% think gun laws are too harsh)!

There appear to be at least Five Reasons Republicans Shouldn't Fear a Government Shutdown. I still think the best is that the public doesn’t fear it at all!