Monday, March 14, 2011

No time to be timid

From MajPain

imageThis is no time to be timid with everything going on. We as Americans have always been there to help when --it hits the fan. I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand how many countries have helped us out when the shoe is on the other foot. Of all times, you need to stay on your toes because this is no time to be timid.

Americans are there to help in Egypt to fly needed personnel to safety. Americans are there to move thousands of pounds of food and Marines into needed parts of Japan after the recent events. America is there to help rebuild war torn countries and have our young warriors make the greatest difference as they live among the locals.  America, with its volunteer service members at the tip of the spear going towards trouble and catastrophes while others flee away from them. It’s easy to forget who is actually out there on the tip of the spear but they do represent America and continuously do a kick ass job at what they do.

You can make a difference!

You as Americans that aren’t in the military play a significant role as well. Not only supporting your warriors but being the core of the American backbone that keeps this country great. By being a solid contributor to society and making a difference as we do things that other countries only dream of. To us, it may seem transparent that we can move so much military power in such a short time to actually make a difference and save lives in Egypt and Japan that we tend to take it for granted of what it takes to make that happen. Trust me merry poppins doesn’t just halo out of the sky and bring thousands of pounds of displaced diplomacy to foreign nations shores. It’s done with careful planning and tenacity that echoes through the world when people mention America.

Take a look around

There is a --it ton of things going on and we are plenty busy keeping our own country in proper state. It’s been quoted “it aint easy being green” as Kermit the frog (another amphib monster) and Marines like to say. But hey if it were easy, everyone would be a Marine. That’s why I say stay on your toes, move with tenacity, with a purpose because if you do see everything going on, it’s no time to be timid. Have a kick ass Monday and take names!