Monday, March 14, 2011

I sure hope the President has a sense of humor when he reads this Bully Pulpit cartoon!

from hopenchangecartoons

It seems a president's work is never done. At least, not by this president - who is largely ignoring the ongoing tragedy in Japan and the escalating carnage in Libya, but recently found time to kick off the government's "anti-bullying" campaign with heartrending tales from his own childhood.

At an event kicking off the new, taxpayer funded the alleged president says he "feels the pain of those who have been bullied." He then added, "I have to say, with big ears and the name that I have (Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama), I wasn't immune."

But frankly, we doubt his story. His ears weren't that freaking big and at the time he was living in Hawaii, where many kids have names like Kamehameha, Mekawiwi, and Pupuhahahahaha. No, if kids were going to tease him, it would more likely have been about being abandoned by a father who was a no-legged, alcoholic bigamist. Or perhaps kids might have mocked him for his odd habit of washing his feet five times a day. But since Obama didn't mention it, those things probably didn't happen.

So we think the president is probably just making things up to help support a noble (and well-funded) cause: anti-bullying.

Because seriously, who cares more about stopping bullying than a man who routinely calls conservatives ugly names...and has declared he's going to take our health insurance money or beat us up?