Monday, March 14, 2011

Common Ground… with Wrong?

[ Every politician needs to read this. Relativism has brought us to the point that, if something is wrong, it’s okay to just do less of it, that putting our children in slightly less debt is an acceptable solution, that compromise on wrong is an honorable pursuit. – JS ]

Posted by Larry Miller

imagePresident Obama says he wants to find common ground with the GOP as they look for a way to solve the budget impasse. He has this fantasy that there is a common ground between his spendthrift policies and the teaparty inspired push for fiscal restraint and respect for the taxpayers. The sad fact is that some of the old timers in the Republican Party also believe this is possible.

One has to consider if there is really a common ground between wisdom and foolishness… sanity and insanity… right and wrong that is not foolish, insane or wrong in itself. In the quest to be seen as reasonable, many of our congressmen and senators who give really great campaign speeches, act like compromise is the way to get things done. Unfortunately, it is… but not what the people need.

If something is wrong, like spending money we don’t have, and charging it to to generations not yet born, putting us in debt to people who don’t like us and giving it to, among others, people who have sneaked into our country illegally… then what justification is there for a compromise of any kind? If giving a hundred million dollars to Planned Parenthood to facilitate the killing of babies is wrong… is not giving them fifty million dollars wrong as well.

While they may not be able to stop all the wrong in our nation’s capitol, having our representatives give their stamp of approval to this mindless waste is a slap in the face of the citizens who know things are not as they should be. We are told that politics is the “art of the possible” as if the apparent impossibility of doing right were sufficient reason for not standing on principle.

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