Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chompin’ Nelson & Pelosi’s Lap Dog, Wavin’ West – Gator Politics

Congressman West talks growing up in the inner city, socialism and Wars. It’s no wonder Allen West has taken his district and DC by storm!

This even tells us more about this man: West Will Limit Himself To Four Terms!

Is this futility or is Nelson so worried about the conservatism sweeping Florida that he will rush not just to the middle but further right?:12 FL Congressional Republicans Look to Force Bill Nelson's Hand on Spending

In the same article Pelosi lapdog Wasserman-Schultz shows us how to do nothing while sounding like you are: “I will work across the aisle to root out wasteful spending, but not at the expense of good jobs, a strong middle class, and a growing economy for the American people…”