Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Because you can, like them, make a difference!

By MajPain

imageLook gang, you got to look out for one another. Like within the Marine Corps we take care of our own. If you have the ability to help somebody and you don’t, you are wrong. Now I’m not saying let them take you for everything.

Sometimes tough love is the best kind of love and sometimes you have to let them figure things out on their own. But when they hit rock bottom, they want your help and actually need it and you can help then even if that means just listening, you need to.

Generally good people do this because they care enough to do it.  America does this by sending its military to help those less fortunate. Because we have the assets and resources to make a difference and we care  and we do so without asking anything in return. Sometimes it costs American lives. We are one of the few countries to go to lengths that we do to help others.  It’s the traditional battle of good and evil. Bad guys always loose. Maybe some will not want your help and that’s fine. Stand off until they do and usually after time goes by they will ask for it or you will know they need it. Be it a country or struggling relative it can be painful to watch them go down a road you know that is going to most likely end bad but in some situations people have to hit rock bottom or countries have to be in total chaos, then they send in the Marines.

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