Monday, February 28, 2011

Allen West calls Wisconsin senators “cowards”

[ Once again, Allen West nails it! And the lib/progs keep attacking but only seem to cause an increase in his popularity. I guess it’s because they bring to mind a bunch of yapping, scared Pelosi poodles like Wasserman-Schultz. – JS ]


Allen%20West%20with%20flag.bmpSouth Florida Congressman Allen West branded the runaway state senators of Wisconsin a bunch of “cowards,” comparable to Army deserters.

“What kind of representative democracy have we become when elected officials run from executing their prescribed duties?” West said in a weekly newsletter to constituents and fans that begins, “Dear Patriot.”

“In the military we have General Order number one: `I shall not leave my appointed place of duty or post until properly relieved,’” said West, a retired Army lieutenant colonel. “If a leader takes off, we call it `desertion.’ What manner of person runs and hides instead of making a stand, making a decision?”

The blunt-spoken Republican from Plantation, a favorite of the tea party movement, sees the standoff in Wisconsin as part of a wider ideological battle.