Monday, March 21, 2011

Barack Obomber & UNcle – Cartoons

from hopenchangecartoons

Barack Obama surprised the world (and probably himself) by authorizing a full-out military assault on Libya while heading out the door for his trip to Brazil. According to inside sources, the critical moment occurred when the Joint Chiefs asked the alleged president if we were in "Go mode for Operation Odyssey Dawn," and he said "whatever..." while trying to decide which Speedos to pack.

Libyan facilities have already been on the receiving end of 112 Tomahawk missiles, which is part of our military's contribution to the "international coalition" which is finally standing up to Gadhafi.

And since Hope n' Change really doesn't like genocidal, terrorist despots, you'd think we'd finally applaud something that Barack Obama has done. And you'd be dead wrong!

Our military assault on Libya isn't a show of's a show of having America's bluff called after two years of Obama showing no discernible strength to the world. Meaning that for all of our military strength, America had lost the all-important tool of deterrence, which previously allowed us to suppress violence by making credible threats.

But Mr. Obama's threats weren't credible. Or even discernible. Which is why Gadhafi felt confident about slaughtering his own people. And it was only when Gadhafi prepared the "final cleansing" that Obama was forced to take last-minute action...a large, violent, and potentially long-lasting action...because any smaller measures had already been taken off the table by the president's previous dithering and failure to show real interest in the earliest days of the conflict.

Libya's Colonel Gadhafi is now said to be arming one million of his people for ground operations. Which seems fairly stupid at first glance. After all, how can one million poorly trained, poorly armed Libyans stand up against American soldiers? Well, it turns out they won't have to, because our alleged Commander in Chief has already announced that we won't put any "boots on the ground," which surely came as a relief...and highly valuable military intelligence... to Muammar Gadhafi.

Additionally, Navy Admiral Mullen told NBC news that Gadhafi may remain in power, and our military action "isn't about seeing him go." Meaning that the primary purpose of this action is to protect Barack Obama's political ass after he's pushed his doctrine of weakness - and the world - into the danger zone.