Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quips, Quotes & Tweets – 2/24/11

Sure looks like We the Tea Partiers are actually influencing more politicians and people that we realize!

Does Ken Salazar think he's above the offshore drilling law? Why shouldn’t he? Obama singlehandedly repudiated the Marriage Act yesterday!

What do you think the Socialist ex-mayor of Milwaukee wrote on the consequences of collective bargaining by public employees?

So is the The $100 Oil Panic Bernanke’s or Libya’s fault? (Hint – Bernanke needs to end his QE2 inflationary push.)

NO BRAINER! Are our own useful idiots on the American left every bit the threat to both this great Republic and her unalienable freedoms as the Muslim extremists?

So how did Obama really take over the education game with without a single vote from We the People? He increased the Education Department’s discretionary spending by 25,500 percent!

Does it bother you that the EPA puts a price on your head of $9.1Million, the FDA $7.9 Million, or the DOT cheapskates $6 Million? Shouldn’t it?

Tell me!: Will Harry Reid [and BHO] Also Hide in Illinois to avoid a vote on the Continuing Resolution?

"Another major reason why crime is increasing is that crime pays, and in our tax-ridden, regulation crushed economy, many people cannot economically survive through low-end jobs. ... 'The income that offenders can earn in the world of crime, as compared with the world of work, all too often makes crime appear to be the better choice.' In Washington, D.C., it costs $7,000 in city fees to open a pushcart. In California, up to eighty federal and state licenses are required to open a small business. In New York, a medallion to operate a taxicab costs $150,000. More than 700 occupations in the United States require a government license. Throughout the country, church soup kitchens are being closed by departments of health. No wonder so many people turn to crime and violence to survive." -- Jacob G. Hornberger

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