Friday, February 18, 2011

At Clinton Speech: Veteran Bloodied, Bruised and Arrested for Standing Silently

[HALL of SHAME! I hope this bothers you as much as it did me. Hillary stands there and lets some goons throw a grey old veteran, somewhat like me, out as she criticizes governments for doing the same thing. – JS ]

From Coffee Talk

I suspect Ray is winning the war, but for the “crime” of standing up and silently turning his back on the Mistress of State as she was publicly lying about some thing or another, the 71-year-old retired CIA analyst and past briefer of US Presidents was violently taken to jail, and badly hurt by “security” at George Washington University in DC. As I read about what happened to the courageous and principled Ray McGovern, I was thinking of Gene Sharp’s words: “If people are not afraid of the dictatorship, that dictatorship is in big trouble.”

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her speech at George Washington University yesterday condemning governments that arrest protesters and do not allow free expression, 71-year-old Ray McGovern was grabbed from the audience in plain view of her by police and an unidentified official in plain clothes, brutalized and left bleeding in jail. She never paused speaking. When Secretary Clinton began her speech, Mr. McGovern remained standing silently in the audience and turned his back. Mr. McGovern, a veteran Army officer who also worked as a C.I.A. analyst for 27 years, was wearing a Veterans for Peace t-shirt.

Blind-sided by security officers who pounced upon him, Mr. McGovern remarked, as he was hauled out the door, “So this is America?” Mr. McGovern is covered with bruises, lacerations and contusions inflicted in the assault.

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