Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vietnam Redux

By James Hudnall at Big Peace

vietnam_refugeesWe didn’t lose the Vietnam war, no matter what they may have told you in school. We defeated the North Vietnamese army, the Tet offensive was the last hurrah of the North. But the Democrats used it and the capitulation message that came from CBS’s Walter Cronkite as an excuse to cut off funding to the war. The Nixon Administration (mainly Dr. Henry Kissinger) had been negotiating with the North for a peaceful resolution. But cutting off funding, the North knew we were going to leave. So they just waited till we did and moved in. Peace treaty or not, as soon as the majority of our troops pulled out, they moved in and the South fell to the communists. A very serious humanitarian disaster followed for years.

imageThe Democrats and the leftist anti-war crowd shrugged. The same people who were complaining about American committed “atrocities” in the war, most of which were nothing but communist propaganda, didn’t seem to care about the atrocities that were perpetrated on all these displaced people. A vast number of them came here.

Prepare for something similar. Barack Obama gave a speech yesterday indicating that we were done in Iraq, and would be winding down in Afghanistan. This is basically telling Al Qaeda and other monsters in the region there will be a power vacuum and they can move in unopposed. It will happen. And when it does hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people will die. Many will be displaced. Many will relocate here. Two more dominos will fall and Muslim extremists will have two more nations under their control.

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image  [ I have held this same opinion since serving in Viet Nam and then watching as helicopters took last minute warriors off the roof of the American embassy. I watched John Kerry and Jane Fonda commit their acts of treason and murder-by-proxy. Those of us who served there knew we had the NVA beat and the Cong stymied. And we knew it would take time. We didn’t get that time. Once again, we aren’t getting the time in Iraq and Afghanistan. And once again we have shown and told the enemy that we are weak and all they have to do is wait. Shame on our leaders for wasting the deaths of our warriors and the sorrow of their families. – JS ]

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