Monday, August 16, 2010

Wow! The Spanish press put a Muslim tinge on Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain!

The Week reports: "Well, here’s a legitimate criticism: Michelle didn’t really visit Spain proper, said the Spanish think-tank GEES in Libertad Digital. She mostly toured Andalusia, the region with the most visible “remains of the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.” Evidently she wasn’t interested in any of Spain’s magnificent churches or monasteries, only in Islamic architecture, such as the Alhambra palace in Granada. This “contempt for all cultural heritage of the true nature of Spain” is in perfect keeping with her husband’s “retreat from the core values of the Western world.” President Obama has shown time and again that he prefers “to bow to Islam” and “move America away from its traditional allies” in Europe. Next time the Obamas visit Europe, it might be nice if they acknowledged the continent’s “Judeo-Christian heritage.”

image We see a lot on BHO’s Muslim orientation here. Now Europe, once his sycophantic admirer, is catching on.

Maybe the US press doesn’t speak Spanish or read translations. But it’s more likely that anything this true but anti-Obama will, as usual, be buried by our main street media idolaters.

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