Monday, August 30, 2010

Quips, Quotes and Tweets – 8/30/10


Obama Builds a Big Tent . . . for Conservatives: The rally demonstrated how the Obama administration's excesses have brought different strands of the conservative movement together…. The conservative movement is maturing and learning to incorporate a wider cross-section of people under its banner. That may well be one of the more enduring accomplishments -- albeit inadvertent -- of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid these past two years.

From down the rabbit hole! Illegal Aliens Want Sanctuary Policies In Writing:
imageLawmakers and police in a major U.S. city have reassured illegal immigrants that they’re protected under longtime sanctuary policies amid demands from open borders advocates that the measures be formalized in writing.
A group of Latino activists, clergy and civil rights leaders took to the street this week to command Baltimore officials to further solidify the city’s measures to shield illegal aliens from federal authorities. Like many law enforcement agencies across the nation, Baltimore Police bans its officers from inquiring about suspects’ immigration status.
  Now emboldened illegal immigrants want the policy in writing to reduce crime and help bridge the gap between officers and immigrants after the recent murders of three Hispanic men in the area. The most recent victim, a Honduran, was clubbed and beaten with a wooden stake by a mentally disturbed teen who professed to hate “Mexicans.” Illegal immigrants are more prone to cooperate in these sorts of police investigations if the department has a written don’t-ask-don’t-tell immigration policy, their advocates say. Read the rest…

SHAME! US Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Pro-Palestinian Ad Campaign in Israel: The UPI reports that about $250,000 US dollars have been spent on the billboard campaign in Israel (I’d ask how much is being spent to send the same “we’re your peace partner” message to the Palestinians, but I’m guessing I know the answer).

The Real "Radicals", in the best sense of the phrase, are We the People:
Indeed, a full-court press has been initiated by the Obama administration with the goal of portraying the Tea Party as outside of the American “mainstream.” Several establishment Republicans desperate to hold onto their seats at the taxpayer-funded table have joined the chorus, too.
  And perhaps Obama – for once – is correct. Not in an ideological sense, obviously, but perhaps our overreaching federal government and its legacy media apologists have successfully branded supporters of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as the real “kooks” in this country.
  If that’s the case, then the definition of “radical” has truly come full circle – and the only difference between today’s Tea Partiers and those who gathered in Boston Harbor in 1773 is the source of their oppression.
  Such a movement may seem “radical” to Obama and his media elites, but in truth it is not only entirely consistent with American values – it is the last, best hope for their survival. Read it all…

image Star Parker: More Government to Protect Us From Ourselves: Putting more and more wolves in charge of guarding the henhouse might characterize the big problems we’ve now created for ourselves…
  Soon we will have the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection in place, as result of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill just signed into law. The new bureau was set up in about 400 pages of the several thousand page bill, and, with a $500 million dollar budget and several thousand employees, will protect us in every other aspect of our financial lives.
  It’s good that our politicians are getting our financial affairs in order for us.
  Proof that we can rely on them is that our government debt is now almost 60% of our GDP and projected to reach 100% by 2020. Standard & Poor’s has just indicated that the AAA rating of US government bonds may have to be reduced, showing that the United States is now a credit risk. Read it all…

Robert Barro: The Folly of Subsidizing Unemployment: My calculations suggest the jobless rate could be as low as 6.8%, instead of 9.5%, if jobless benefits hadn't been extended to 99 weeks.

Socialism is like a dream. Sooner or later you wake up to reality.” Winston Churchill

“The burden of life is from ourselves, its lightness from the grace of Christ and the love of God.” William Ullathorne