Friday, August 20, 2010

“Conspiracy Theory”, “Wise Guy” and “Crapped Out” - Cartoons

from hopenchangecartoons:
  Just when it seems nobody can make the controversy any more divisive or offensive, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has popped up to demand a taxpayer-funded congressional investigation to discover who might be funding the opposition to the Ground Zero mosque.
  That's right: Nancy assumes that nobody could oppose the mosque on principle or because the wounds of 9/11 are still raw. Some mysterious somebody must be paying people to be against the project, presumably to make mosque-loving Democrats look bad.
  Meanwhile, the imam behind the Cordoba House project still refuses to divulge the funding sources for the $100 million dollar mega-mosque, leading to speculation that the money may be coming from Saudi Arabian backers of "Wahabi" mosques and schools which are vehemently anti-Western.
  The most disturbing part of all this is Nancy Pelosi's apparent belief that no one could or would speak up on behalf of America unless they were being bribed.
  But then again, after so many years, it's hard for her not to think like a Democrat.

from Chip Bok: The man who once said people cling to their guns and religion gave a rousing call to religious freedom last Friday night only to walk it back Saturday morning.  Here’s the speech. Here’s Victor David Hanson on what it means.  And here’s Jon Stewart on what it really means.

From Chip Bok: The guy can’t get a break.  The Boston Herald reports that water at some Martha’s Vineyard beaches has fecal contamination. [ Of course he didn’t swim in the Gulf, as the White House spun, but in a protected bay. Nor did he eat Gulf seafood. He just did a photo op with a seafood menu and then ordered fries, chicken and such. – JS ]