Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cartoons: “Democratinos”, “New Math” and “Dive In”

from hopenchangecartoons:
  While working the campaign trail, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told a largely-Hispanic audience that he doesn't know "how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican."
  This is the same Harry Reid who has condemned Arizona's immigration law because it could conceivably lead to "ethnic profiling" which public officials would make assumptions about people simply based on their ethnicity. But apparently what's bad policy for cops is perfectly acceptable policy for Democratic senators.
  It has to be fairly insulting to Hispanics to hear that Harry believes their political decisions are determined by genes rather than intellect. Or that there's something in Hispanics' "heritage" which would make them averse to obeying the law or voting in favor of fiscal responsibility.
  So to put an end to the Nevada senator's puzzlement, there are actually plenty of reasons that Hispanics might be Republicans. And topping the list is the dismissing and demeaning attitude of Democrats like Harry Reid.

from Chip Bok: The House returned from vacation to pass a $26 billion bail-out for the dues paying, campaign funding, men and women who educate our children.  According to USA Today, federal workers make more than you. Teachers aren’t federal workers but neither is the city manager of Bell, California (pop 40,000). He earned even more vacation and sick time than teachers, clocking in at 28 weeks, and way more in salary -  $800,000 per year!  He lost his job when word got out thanks to the LA Times.  Now he has to make do with a $600,000 per year pension.  Bail-out for California, anyone?

from [Maybe he’ll land on the Vacationer-In-Chief. – JS]