Saturday, July 31, 2010

“Tripe”, “Volt”, “Stuff it..”

TRIPE Watch! Never Mind the Darkness, Obama Says It's Morning in America! It’s tripe. The almost entirely unreported fact is that personal income, excluding government transfer payments, has been declining and continues to decline, something never before seen in a recovery out the back end of a recession. The need to extend the unemployment welfare again, this time to the not-coincidental election month of November (when you can count on it being extended again) should tell all that needs known about the mythical recovery. But in case you missed this, the FHA, the VA, even the Dept. of Agriculture plus Fannie and Freddie are making and backing no-down payment, 3 percent-down payment and low-down payment mortgage loans at furious pace, by their own spokespersons’ admission to keep the housing market from falling off a cliff. Last week, the administration and media gleefully reported a jump in new home sales from May to June, ignoring the fact of a year to year 17 percent slump… The Summer of Recovery is imaginary. Read it all...

Chevy Volt Slogan-Mania - “You’re rich, you love trees, you want your friends to know.” or “I could have had a V8.” 

Here and waving the Mexican, Cuban or any national flag not the US flag? Stuff it and go there!