Saturday, July 3, 2010

A silver platter of GOP talking points for November!

By Neil Braithwaite at

image …Using what I call a "silver platter" of campaign talking points handed to them by the Obama administration and Democrat leadership; Republicans should trounce the opposition in debate

Let's review some tasty silver platter entrees:

  • Over $800 billion in stimulus spending that hasn't worked,
  • Using TARP funds to cherry-pick which banks survive and which don't
  • 9.7% unemployment when Obama promised it wouldn't go above 8%
  • Bypassing federal bankruptcy laws and regulations to take over GM and Chrysler - using taxpayer money
  • A "pay czar" deciding how much corporate executives can earn
  • Almost three million jobs lost since Obama took office - when he promised to add four million by the end of 2010
  • Passage of a health care bill against the majority will of the American people - many states are now challenging the bill as unconstitutional
  • A slow and incompetent response to the Gulf oil spill - still leaking thousands of gallons a day over 70 days later
  • Obama's deep water oil drilling ban will cost thousands of American jobs
  • Failure to secure our Southern borders while suing Arizona for trying to protect its citizens
  • A national debt increase of almost $3 trillion since Obama took office
  • A federal debt that will represent 62% of the nation's economy by 2011 - with estimates of 100% in ten to fifteen years
  • Pending cap and trade legislation laced with energy cost and job loss issues
  • Democrats pushing a financial regulation reform bill that protects financial firms and ultimately hurts consumers - also being challenged as unconstitutional
  • Democrats became the first House majority that failed to pass an annual budget resolution since the Congressional Budget Act was adopted in 1974
  • Democrat tax increases slated for 2011 that will further harm taxpayers, the economy and job growth
  • Numerous pay-to-play political scandals
  • Obama's promise not to raise taxes on those making less than $250 thousand - already broken
  • A weak and dangerous foreign and domestic terrorism policy

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[ Someone needs to start individually start tweeting these “silver platter entrees” now! They are one of the best summaries I have seen of what’s wrong with the progressives, this Administration, and Congress – JS ]






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